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Master of Fine Arts in Art (MFA)

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David Andree

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Sam King

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Linda Lopez

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Marc Mitchell

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Maryamsadat Amirvaghefi


contemprory painting, Dream, Iranian painting, Memory, relocation, visual elements


Dream Border is the result of my lived experience of relocation. The exhibition addresses the duality of being on the border between reality and imagination. In this place, the present, past, and future exist simultaneously. By engaging with personal narratives, childhood memories, as well as Iranian cultural and literary visual elements, I search for universal concepts in relocation. These works evoke the imposition of power and the many phenomena that the contemporary world endures despite globalization, such as anxiety, fear, and oppression on a small or large scale, which compel people to relocate. Uncertainty in the process of migration and the impact of displacements on people, such as fear of losing one’s past identity, the feeling of not belonging to a certain place, worries about the future, and the feeling of duality in a new society, contrast with feelings such as happiness in pursuing one’s dreams. People strive to maintain their identity by referring to their roots and memories while acclimating to their new society. The dream border is a portal: an embodiment of this two-way linking of experiences, facilitating discovery and understanding for those who pass through it