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Doctor of Education in Adult and Lifelong Learning (EdD)

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Rehabilitation, Human Resources and Communication Disorders


Michael K. Daugherty

Committee Member

Kit Kacirek

Second Committee Member

Vinson Carter


Covid School Closure, Early Field Experiences, Preservice Teacher, Student Teaching, Teacher Preparation


This study examines the relationship between a preservice teacher’s early field experiences and ratings given by their cooperating teachers during student teaching. Educator preparation programs have long been tasked with providing quality education to future teachers as they prepare them for a career in the P-12 classroom. Part of this preparation happens in P-12 classroom settings, where preservice teachers observe and interact with students and professional teachers. These early field experiences, which help prepare them for student teaching and the P-12 classroom, are required for teacher preparation program accreditation. This research investigates how changes in the educational environment related to the Covid-19 pandemic closure of schools have created opportunities to assess the effectiveness of early field experiences. This study seeks to address a need for evidence of early field experiences' impact on preparation for student teaching and eventual success as a practicing teacher. Evidence of this impact is vital for teacher preparation programs as they evaluate how effective their current requirements are in the program of study for future teachers. Data collected and analyzed by multiple linear regression will provide empirical evidence addressing the relationship between a preservice teacher’s early field experiences and their professional indicator ratings given by their cooperating teacher during student teaching in order to guide teacher preparation program decisions.