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Doctor of Education in Adult and Lifelong Learning (EdD)

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Rehabilitation, Human Resources and Communication Disorders


Kevin M. Roessger

Committee Member

Kristin Higgins

Second Committee Member

Kenda S. Grover


Addiction, Formal Reflective Activities, Transformative Learning Theory


Although there has been considerable empirical support for the effect of reflection, and specifically reflective activities, within the domain of transformative learning (Ballon & Skinner, 2008; King, 2004; Mezirow, 2012; Roessger, 2014; Taylor, 2017), there is a gap in the literature concerning the value of formal reflective activities when used with people in addiction recovery programs. I will interview facilitators of addiction programs to inquire on the methods of reflection their programming provides people in addiction, investigate the effectiveness of the activities, and then determine the connections (if any) between formal reflective activities and transformation in people in addiction. This study will add to the epistemological framework of addiction, reflection, and transformative learning by adding empirical evidence that addresses these gaps in the research. This study will use a qualitative phenomenological approach, and participants will be purposefully sampled. The researcher will interview professionals who have specific experience facilitating addiction (both substance and behavioral addiction) and substance abuse groups and sessions.