Date of Graduation


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Degree Name

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (MSEE)

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Electrical Engineering


H. Alan Mantooth

Committee Member

Simon Ang

Second Committee Member

Randy Brown


fast parasitic extraction, fast thermal modeling, layout optimization, multi-chip power module, multi-objective optimization, power electronics module


This thesis presents the design and implementation of a software tool, referred to as PowerSynth, which is used to synthesize multi-chip power module (MCPM) layouts and also aids in the overall design process. MCPMs allow power electronics systems to achieve higher efficiencies and reduced size, weight, and cost through the compact integration of devices into a single package. MCPM design is highly multidisciplinary which involves electrical, thermal, and mechanical performance considerations. Conventionally, the design process may require several iterations and multiple software modeling tools to create high performance MCPMs. The layout of an MCPM consists of a pattern of metal traces and the placement of components on these traces. The design of an MCPM layout and the selection of materials, dimensions, and components used in an MCPM affect its performance. PowerSynth incorporates thermal and electrical models into a single tool and provides a unified system for designing MCPMs and synthesizing layouts for them. A user is guided through the design process with graphical user interfaces and is able to select from a set of solutions which trade-off thermal and electrical performance. Final MCPM designs can be exported to two different commercial modeling tools for further performance verification or for manufacturing artwork generation.