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Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Dynamics (PhD)

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Environmental Dynamics


Fiona Davidson

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Carl CS Smith

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Geoboo Song


Fayetteville;neighborhood change;neighborhood redevelopment;university growth;university town;urban planning


The constant growth of the city of Fayetteville is attributed to regional economic growth and an increase in student enrollment, to name a few. As a middle-sized college city, Fayetteville is an anchor city with the University of Arkansas as its anchor institution. These changes have caused a significant increase in the city's urban development and neighborhood changes. This research identifies three areas of work with the potential to assist in the study of the urban redevelopment in the South Fayetteville neighborhoods: (1) the social demographics, economic, and land use changes in neighborhood populations, (2) the stakeholder's perceptions toward city revitalization policies and university impact in the city growth, (3) and community perception to neighborhood changes. By efficiently using the previous urban gentrification theory, one can study how these changes impact the residents in a middle-size college city and how their perceptions can assist in shaping city policy and university growth.

Available for download on Sunday, August 30, 2026