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Master of Education in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (MEd)

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Janet Penner-Williams

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Alissa Blair

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Chrystal McKeever

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Ed Pohl


Autism;English Language Learner;Evidence-based Strategies


Many English language learners experience life on the Autism spectrum. These students will spend much of their day in the general education setting, and teachers will need effective and proven strategies to support them. The data show that Autism Spectrum Disorder is increasing among all populations (CDC, 2023). Current understandings and influences on these learners will be explored. This review examines evidence-based practices presented by premier sources in the fields of Autism Spectrum Disorder and English language learning, seeking commonalities in strategies. Using the findings from the National Standards Report and the National Clearinghouse for Autism Evidence & Practice cross-referenced with the WIDA 15 Essential Actions, 79 common evidence-based strategies were found that could be employed in the general education setting for use with English language learners diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.