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Master of Arts in Communication (MA)

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Ron Warren

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Freddie Jennings

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Robert Wicks


Eudaimonia;Flow;Media Effects;Realism;Video Games


There has been a growing body of research looking into effects beyond enjoyment of media content. However, these explorations have primarily been outcome focused and have failed to analyze variables that could be mediating eudaimonic effects. This thesis examined the results of an experimental study investigating the variables of flow and realism and their possible impact on eudaimonic outcomes of video game play. Using data collected from 193 participants who played either the game The Last of Us Remastered or Elude, this study examined the possibility of flow mediating the relationship between realism and eudaimonic effects. Results of a hierarchical multiple regression analysis revealed that flow and realism play a significant role in the experience of eudaimonic effects. However, flow does not play a mediating role between realism and eudaimonia. This study extended past research by providing evidence that flow and realism are related to the experience of eudaimonia. Additionally, this study continued to provide evidence of media effects beyond enjoyment. These results provide a rationale for future research on mediating variables and the impact they could play on eudemonic outcomes. Keywords: Eudaimonic effects, hedonic effects, flow, perceived realism

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