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Master of Science in Agricultural & Extension Education (MS)

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Agricultural Education, Communications and Technology


Jill Rucker

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Jefferson Miller

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Casandra Cox


generation Z;local beef;purchasing habits;social cognitive theory;support local movement


The support local movement is a growing trend within Generation Z, with that comes the need to understand marketing strategies Generation Z responds to best. As Generation Z is entering the workforce and purchasing their groceries there is a need to understand how this generation perceives the term local beef. There is currently little research in regard to Generation Z and their perceptions of local beef. This study aimed to fill a gap within research by conducting a qualitative study to gather rich data to understand Generation Z’s perception of the term local beef and what marketing strategies impacted them most. Participants were within Generation Z and were residents of the Northwest Arkansas area, were also asked questions in regard to their purchasing habits, what terms motivated them to purchase, and their understanding of the beef industry. Researchers identified that the largest driving factors in purchasing proteins such as beef for Generation Z is price, quality, and there is an openness to purchasing local beef. In addition, participants shared their level of understanding of the beef industry.