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Master of Science in Agricultural & Extension Education (MS)

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Agricultural Education, Communications and Technology


Jefferson Miller

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Christopher Estepp

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Nicholas Johnston


brand resonance;brand resonance model;branding;craft beer;loyal consumers


Craft beer and craft breweries are on the rise across the United States and more importantly, in Arkansas. Throughout the past two decades, craft beer has gained popularity in the state of Arkansas as the number of craft breweries have risen across the state. However, there is currently little literature on how branding in craft breweries in Northwest Arkansas is used to gain and retain loyal consumers. This study aimed to add to the academic literature and provide practical recommendations to practitioners on how brand equity is built among craft breweries in Northwest Arkansas, using qualitative interviews. Marketing strategies of craft beer producers were examined by interviewing loyal consumers. Participants were asked a series of questions relating to the six building blocks of Keller’s Brand Resonance Model and what efforts their respective brewery utilize. Researchers identified loyal consumers noted value in how the brewery made them feel and how it reflected their self-evaluations. Marketing tactics were also identified, and the findings revealed breweries utilize social media, point of purchase signage, and word of mouth to engage consumers and further develop their brands.