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Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (MSEE)

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Electrical Engineering


H. Alan Mantooth

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Roy McCann

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Chris Farnell


Multiple output power supply, power supply, toroid transformers, transformers


When operating in high power applications, power devices dissipate tens or hundreds of watts of power in the form of heat. The ability of the power devices to withstand power and dissipation of heat across the power devices becomes a prominent requirement in designing the power converter. This challenge demands a power converter design to be more effective and consistent which factors in size, cost, weight, power density and reliability. This study aims to propose a gate driver isolated power supply design that can be used in medium voltage applications (e.g., up to 10 kV) while respecting the principle of scalability. A versatile design that facilitates addition of another power switch to the converter if needed, without having to alter too many power supply components while retaining the main structure, thus reducing system complexity and size. The proposed topology is a full-bridge converter with a single-turn primary side transformer, realized using a high voltage insulated hook-up wire as primary winding, while the secondary winding is wound around a toroidal core. This structure can supply several gate drivers simultaneously without replicating the primary side converter, but by simply adding a toroidal core with the secondary side converter which effectively reduces the size of the power supply. To satisfy magnetic and electric constraints, the proposed toroidal transformer needs to exhibit a very low primary to secondary coupling capacitance to avoid high common mode current, which leads to control signal distortion. For this, a multi-objective optimization design has been performed for the magnetic components of the topology. In this paper, a single input and three output power supply design is proposed for a 10 kV active gate driver.