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Master of Fine Arts in Art (MFA)

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Neil E. Callander

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Springer, Bethany

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Mitchell, Marc Ethan

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Alvarez, Renata Cassiano


art education, paint, ceramics, sculpture


This paper dives into my personal journey from a far-left activist youth into becoming an artist. It explains how a poet saw artistic potential within me, introduced me to the world of art and eventually art education. I reflect on the art education I have received from several different art schools and how they try to adapt to the demands of the contemporary art world that has been in a constant condition of reshaping itself since Marcel Duchamp’s readymade. As an artist who is less focused on the techniques of traditional artistic mediums, I investigate how the state of art and my own background coalesce, in order to understand how I contribute to it through comparative analyses of my own work, works of other artists, work of curators, and exhibitions. I explore the consequences of commercial success, seemingly absurd teaching situations, collaborative work, and exhibitions as art work using a combination of personal experiences, observations, and theoretical framework.