Date of Graduation


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Master of Science in Civil Engineering (MSCE)

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Civil Engineering


Andrew F. Braham

Committee Member

Hall, Kevin D.

Second Committee Member

Williams, Stacy G.


Asphalt, Materials, Pavement Cracking, Performance, Durability, Transportation, Arkansas


Some asphalt mixes, following the Superpave mix design procedure, have been reported to be too stiff, making cracking a prevalent form of pavement distress. Additionally, cracking has been reported to be the main form of distress of asphalt pavements in the State of Arkansas. These facts have heightened state agencies’ interest in better performing asphalt pavements, with Arkansas resolving to explore performance-based balanced mix designs (BMD), not yet explored in the state. The primary objective of this document is to present the completed study of balanced mix designs, based on the rutting and cracking potential of asphalt pavement mixtures through Asphalt Performance Analyzer (APA) and IDEAL-CT testing. The research matrix for the study helped provide a template for exploring the impact of parameters such as number of gyrations, and binder content in the performance of the mix. Findings were used to determine poor, moderate, good, and excellent performance zones for the mix. It was found that higher binder contents and lower gyration mixes perform best when compared to lower binder content and higher gyration mixes.

Available for download on Wednesday, February 05, 2025