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Master of Fine Arts in Art (MFA)

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David Andree

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Schmitt, Jean

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Andree, Kara


Art, Contemporary Drawing - Painting, Dream, Immigration, Iranian visual arts, Memory


Standing On the Edge of a Dream delves into the intricate tapestry of lived experiences shaped by relocation, emphasizing the nuanced space that exists between reality and imagination. As an individual who has undergone the transformative journey of immigration, I recognize that the concept of relocation is like standing on the edge of a dream. This notion becomes a living structure, intricately woven with threads from our past, present, and future. My artistic exploration extends beyond my artworks, yet it remains deeply rooted in my personal narratives. The artworks in the exhibition continue to draw inspiration from personal memories and cultural references, juxtaposing elements from our Iranian heritage with elements from the Western world. By delving into childhood recollections and autobiographical narratives, each part carries within it a testament to the dynamics of power in the global context of translocation in contemporary era. Embarking on a journey away from one's homeland, whether by choice or necessity, unfailingly invites a profound integration of identity and culture. Even under favorable circumstances, navigating the path of an expatriate is a nuanced emotional journey. The desire to preserve one's roots in a rapidly changing cultural landscape evokes a myriad of sensations, ranging from elation to isolation and uncertainty. Standing On the Edge of a Dream invites viewers to step onto this edge and, through a visual dialogue with eyes that beckon them, share in the inherent struggles of preserving one's cultural heritage while simultaneously assimilating into a new society. This creates a two-way interaction, fostering understanding through shared, similar, or personal experiences.