Date of Graduation


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Master of Science in Food Science (MS)

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Food Science


Philip Crandall

Committee Member

Atungulu, Griffiths

Second Committee Member

McFadden, Brandon


Haiti, Heat Retention, Solar Cooking


This study focuses on enhancing the efficiency of solar cooking through the use of solar cookers and heat retention boxes. The research involved testing various cooking vessels and lids in a solar cooking experiment, with a specific focus on the performance of different materials and their heat retention capabilities. The experiment aimed to increase the efficiency of solar cookers, which are popular in developing nations due to their relatively low cost. The findings indicate that the combination of a solar cooker and a heat retention box can significantly improve the cooking process, particularly in areas with limited access to cooking supplies. The study also highlights the impact of weather conditions on the performance of the heat retention box and emphasizes the potential benefits for communities in Haiti. Additionally, the research explores the implications of the study's findings for household and communal solar cooking, emphasizing the potential for cost-effective and sustainable cooking solutions. The study concludes by acknowledging the need for further research and education to promote the efficient and sustainable use of solar cookers in developing nations.