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Master of Arts in Anthropology (MA)

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Thomas J. Green

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Jerome C. Rose

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Mary Jo Schneider


Health and environmental sciences, Communication and the arts, Chamlidere, HMP, Heirtage, Management, Petrified forest, Plans, Turkey


Anything inherited from our ancestors or from nature can be considered as our heritage. Heritage can be classified as cultural and natural heritage. Turkey has been the cradle of many civilizations, religions, and ethnic groups because of the unprecedented natural heritage and critical geopolitical location of Anatolia. Given all the treasure of cultural and natural heritage in Turkey, heritage management practices have not been emphasized as they deserve. A petrified forest was found in Chamlidere, Ankara (Turkey) in 2004. Chamlidere petrified forest preserves information related to the biodiversity of forests in the Galatian Volcanic Province during the Early-Middle Miocene. When compared to its counterparts around the world (e.g., Lesvos, Greece and Arizona, U.S.), this petrified forest certainly deserves to be a Turkish National Geopark according to many researchers. Chamlidere petrified forest is currently in the process of being converted to a geopark with the hope that it will attract tourists and provide economic benefits to the local people. This process is just beginning thanks to Kizilcahamam- Chamlidere Geopark and Geotourism Project (KCGGP) initiative. A comprehensive heritage management plan (HMP) is needed and required by the Turkish regulations. This thesis provides recommendations for a comprehensive HMP, which will aid the preservation endeavors at Chamlidere petrified forest. Chamlidere petrified forest is defined as a visiting site in KCGGP. The fact that Chamlidere petrified forest is included in this project demonstrates its significance as a geopark. The project plans of Chamlidere can significantly be improved by following the steps recommended in this thesis. Seven planning steps are recommended for a comprehensive HMP for Chamlidere petrified forest: (1) determine the stakeholders, (2) conduct a geological survey and determine the significance, (3) determine the strengths and weaknesses, (4) prepare a statement of purpose, (5) determine component plans, (6) implement component plans, and (7) monitor and evaluate the progress. The recommendations provided in this thesis comply with the Turkish legal framework and the international principles of heritage management planning. Moreover, recommendations are prepared by benefiting from a successful petrified forest preservation example from Arizona.