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Master of Science in Civil Engineering (MSCE)

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Civil Engineering


Findlay G. Edwards

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Rodney Williams

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Brian Haggard


Applied sciences, College branch, Drainage, Restoration, Stream, University of arkansas


College Branch is a stream with headwaters located on the University of Arkansas campus. The stream flows through much of the west side of campus, gaining discharge and enlarging its channel as it meanders to the south. College Branch has experienced erosion and flooding issues in recent years due to increased urbanization of its watershed and increased runoff volume.

The purpose of this project was to develop a comprehensive drainage study of College Branch on the University of Arkansas campus. Storm runoff and flood flow patterns were evaluated in order to understand the hydraulics and hydrology of the watershed and identify problem areas associated with excess runoff during storm events, including flooding and stream bank erosion. In addition to an evaluation of the present watershed, the study included proposed designs for changes to the stream channel, its banks, and areas surrounding the stream and in its watershed that could alleviate the amount of runoff during storms, stabilize the banks of the stream, and protect College Branch and its watershed from future destabilization.

The availability of a comprehensive drainage study for the University of Arkansas reach of College Branch allows the university to make more-informed decisions concerning the current state of College Branch and the future development of its watershed.