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Master of Science in Human Environmental Science (MS)

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General Human Environmental Sciences


Kathleen R. Smith

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Laurie M. Apple

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Cynthia K. Moore


Health and environmental sciences, Adolescent body image, Apparel fit, Body satisfaction, Body scanning


The purpose of this study was to explore the role of athletic program participation in middle and junior high school students' self-perceptions of body image, body satisfaction and apparel fit satisfaction. A survey was used to assess the students' self-perception of individual body image, satisfaction with different areas of the body and satisfaction with apparel fit. The research also assessed the accuracy between the students' perceived body image on a body image scale and their 3D body scan image. By using 3D body scanning technology, body scan images were obtained to accurately determine the size and shape for male and female athlete and non-athlete middle and junior high school students. A total of 120 middle and junior high school students participated in this study; 81 were athletes and 39 were non-athletes.

No statistically significant differences between athletes and non-athletes were discovered for self-perception of body image, body satisfaction, self-perception of body image using a body image scale and 3D body scan, apparel fit satisfaction, frequency of apparel alterations and difficulty purchasing apparel. Overall, the sample reported scores indicating important self-ideal congruities across all physical attributes as well as satisfaction with their bodies. Additionally, both athletes and non-athletes indicated overall dissatisfaction with the fit of their apparel. Neither athletes nor non-athletes reported a high frequency of apparel alterations or difficulty purchasing clothing in retail stores.