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Master of Science in Human Environmental Science (MS)

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General Human Environmental Sciences


Laurie M. Apple

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Kathleen R. Smith

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Cynthia K. Moore


Health and environmental sciences, Adolescent body image, Adolescent body satisfaction, Apparel fit, Body scan technology


The objectives of this study were to first, determine whether high school students have the perception that they have problems finding clothing that fits their bodies, as well as the second objective which was to determine if the problem is common among both athletes and non-athletes or if one group finds fit of apparel more problematic. The third objective was to determine if body image and body satisfaction have an effect on the likelihood of athletes and non-athletes reporting problems with fit issues of clothing available from ready-to-wear stores. Hypothesis I and III analyzed body image, Hypothesis IV analyzed body satisfaction, Hypothesis II and VI addressed apparel fit and Hypothesis V compared the perception of apparel fit problems and how body image and body satisfaction changed the perceived fit issues of high school student's apparel.

High school athletes reported body images that were more accurate than those of non-athletes completing this study. No other statistically significant differences were found when testing the research hypotheses. A noteworthy finding was that nearly all of the students completing the study (96%) reported fit issues of ready-to-wear apparel.