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Master of Fine Arts in Drama (MFA)

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Robert Ford

Committee Member

Amy Herzberg

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Clinnesha D. Sibley


Communication and the arts


The aim of this dissertation is to present my play, Flamingo & Decatur, to the thesis committee, to illuminate the process of writing it, and to place it within the context of the entire body of dramatic writing I've done here at the University of Arkansas.

The dissertation opens with a narrative essay that details the process of bringing Flamingo & Decatur to production. It describes the germination of the idea for the play and follows the process through the initial drafts--detailing the ways in which the script was reshaped through its various iterations. Special attention is given to the ways in which the script changed at specific stages in its development: multiple readings with actors, a summer workshop dedicated to improving it, and, of course, its actual production.

Next comes the most important element, a copy of the script itself. This is the text of Flamingo & Decatur, exactly as it was performed at Nadine Baum Studio Theatre. An accompanying program from the play documents this production.

And finally, the play is placed within the context of my course of studies here. To that end, I've included a list of all dramatic works completed here, a catalogue of productions I've received, and a playwriting resume which details, not just my writing output, but also my teaching responsibilities while at the university.