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Master of Science in Human Environmental Science (MS)

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General Human Environmental Sciences


Robert J. Harrington

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Godwin-Charles Ogbeide

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Allen Powell

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Han-Seok Seo

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Kelly Way


Social sciences, Communication and the arts, Biological sciences, Ethnic music, Menu item selection, Restaurant atmossphere


This study investigated what impact ethnic music had on ethnic menu item selection. College students were randomly divided into three groups and listened to one randomly assigned sound treatment in sensory booths. Three hundred and five participants completed the questionnaire with measures of expected price value and willingness to pay value. One of the groups listened to an Italian folk music, the second group listened to a Thai folk music, and the third group listened to a restaurant background noise in order to examine if the music will impact each participant menu items selection and perceived price values. The result of the study showed that Italian music had a significant influence on the participant's intention to select Italian cuisines. Similarly, Thai music showed some form of relationship between Thai music and Thai cuisine selections.