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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration




Ward, Ryane


The United States Congress has involved itself with the financial regulation of big business for decades. The legislative body has passed a multitude of laws over time which foster greater transparency and trust between individual investors and big business. Until recently, legislators have avoided passing laws which regulate their own financial activity. Recent investigations revealing that dozens of federal lawmakers have violated financial disclosure laws and made stock trades on insider information has successfully angered the public and forced Congress to consider tighter restrictions. But can Americans trust their legislators to effectively regulate themselves? If no legislative action is taken, can the market adapt to the information asymmetry? This analysis explores the potential solutions to insider trading proposed in the halls of Congress, in other arenas in Washington, and beyond. In surveying the various approaches, one proposed bill stands out as likely to make the greatest positive impact in regulation of the financial activity of government officials.


financial regulation, insider trading, securities law