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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

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Santamaria, Sergio


This paper explores my experience as an Accounting, Finance, and Recruiting Intern for a boutique staffing firm in Memphis, Tennessee during the summer and winter of 2022 and my research on the current uses and future implications of artificial intelligence in the staffing industry. Specifically, it delves into my goals for the internship, my weekly tasks during the internship, and my observations of the internship. Based on my use of artificial intelligence for email marketing during the winter portion of the internship, I research the current uses of AI in the hiring process and the potential uses for the future. The main technologies that I shed light on are Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), conversational AI (ChatGPT), and text-to-image AI (Midjourney and Dall-E 2). I use my findings in my experiences in the internship and in my research of artificial intelligence to conclude that the continuous improvements in AI will lead to the loss of an abundance of white collar jobs, especially in the staffing industry. By examining the main technologies used in the staffing industry, this paper provides insights into how AI will continue to transform the hiring process in the future.


Finance, Artificial Intelligence, AI, Staffing, Marketing, Digital Marketing