Date of Graduation


Document Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration




Yeager, Timothy

Committee Member/Reader

Amerine, Jeff


Campus Concierge Inc. is a start-up company located in Fayetteville, Arkansas that provides academic support services to college students. Since 2013, the company has seen successful operations and is ready to expand. In this thesis, background research was performed to amend the business plan in order to better reflect the business model and highlight opportunities for growth. These opportunities include developing the brand image, increasing current operations, and extending branches to other locations. The purpose of this thesis is to evaluate expansion options as well as funding opportunities that are feasible for the company and to deliver a tangible product Campus Concierge can use to acquire capital. Due to the sensitive nature of the financial content, information has been omitted from the public version. A full analysis has been provided to both Campus Concierge and the advisors on this project.