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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

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Webster, James

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Santamaria, Sergio


This research paper seeks to understand the Millennial investor. The distinct purpose of this research is to determine if Millennials in the U.S., specifically those ages 25 to 35, prefer investing in exchange traded funds to mutual funds. Additionally, this research seeks to discern if these Millennials prefer investing online to working with a personal financial advisor. Secondary research was utilized extensively to compile a review of existing literature on the topics of the Millennial generation, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, personal financial brokers, and online investing sites. Primary research was completed through a questionnaire survey to gather new data on these same topics. The data of the survey shows that Millennials, ages 25 to 35, prefer mutual funds as an investment mode over exchange traded funds. Additionally, Millennials favor placing investment trades on an online investing site over using the services of a personal financial advisor. The findings in this research paper are particularly vital for the financial industry in understanding and capturing the business of the Millennial generation.