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Petrone, Kim

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Rapert, Molly


The world of cryptocurrency is a fascinating assortment of paradoxes. A world of digital currencies largely built for electronic transactions but with seemingly few vendors to transact with. A world that everyone seems to be talking about but no one can seem to easily define. A world where titans of financial industry publicly lambast the product while having their companies prepare to monetize it in the next room. A world whose digital attributes cause it to be decried as “fake” or “not real” currency while only 24% of Americans still use actual cash for most of their purchases. A world that was literally named for its security but has become infamous for some of its hacks. It is a world where an interesting creation story and atypical market factors have blended to make something wholly unique. This point is very important. To truly understand why cryptocurrencies have performed the way they have and gain insight into how they might look in the future, you have to approach the situation knowing that it is different from any other.

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