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Bachelor of Science in International Business




Jandik, Dobrina

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Acrey, Cash


This paper analyzes the current application of blockchain technology to demonstrate its disruptive potential has across different financial industries. This paper analyzes the potential difficulties that blockchain technology must face and overcome to realize this potential. Blockchain is currently in a stage in its development where there has not been enough research done to provide empirical answers to its benefits or added costs; however, there have been many early innovations that have helped propel blockchain forward. Blockchain in corporate finance is primarily used in corporate governance where blockchain has the ability to increase transparency and reduce possible corruption. Blockchain has the ability to lower major economic costs - the cost of verification and networking. However, it also faces many challenges and barriers to entry that could deter companies from using blockchain. These challenges will certainly be addressed as new uses for blockchain arise and are tested as cost saving techniques for firms.


Blockchain, Corporate Finance, Finance