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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration




Farmer, Amy


Hunger, poverty, and starvation in developing countries are some of the most prevalent challenges facing the world today but many people outside of these areas are not fully aware as to just how bad it is. In the country of Mozambique, where the following research took place, food insecurity levels are rampant, and many different groups/companies are trying to change that. Through a service-learning study abroad program in the summer of 2019, my group and I worked with the local company New Horizons to research ways in which poultry production for both the company and their rural out growers could be improved. By doing this, our goal is to create more efficient poultry practices throughout all stages of the growth cycle in order to produce larger chickens and thus, a larger profit. Through the research and development of this project and subsequent thesis, the positive role of poultry on food insecurity will be shown and recommendations for future project improvements will be discussed.


Insecurity, Mozambique, chicken, egg, recommendation, service learning