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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration




Yeager, Timothy J.


This paper assesses the Microlending and Cayes to Business Programs within the Community Development in Belize Study Abroad Program at the University of Arkansas. The Microlending Program makes low-interest loans to small businesses primarily in Dangriga, Belize. Recently, the lending activity has expanded and concerns about repayment have increased. This paper proposes various improvements to maintain consistent loan repayment and healthy expansion of the Microlending Program. The most important ideas are to enhance social pressure on the borrowers and improve monitoring in-country after the loans have been disbursed. Cayes to Business, an educational program required for microloan applicants, is also evaluated. A survey of past participants shows that the program has been well received. However, improvements can be made by consolidating the current Business Planning and Marketing seminars, adding a Customer Service and Professionalism seminar, and implementing an Advanced Cayes to Business seminar.