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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

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Hodge, Chelsea


The arts scene of Northwest Arkansas has become increasingly woven into the culture of the ever-progressing region, and one of the longest-lasting players in this field is the Symphony of Northwest Arkansas. As a forerunner for so many other fine arts organizations in the area, there is much to learn from the Symphony of Northwest Arkansas. SoNA requested that the University of Arkansas record these experiences of past and present alike in the form of an oral history. As SoNA looks to the future, they recognize the many players who helped the organization to both survive and thrive at various points in its history through hard work, fundraising, and a shared love of the arts. One of the primary drivers of SoNA’s, and other organizations like it, success in the region is the undeniable benefit of a philanthropically minded corporate base, most notably the Walton family (R. Nicholson, personal communication, February 16, 2022). Throughout this oral history project, I look to understand the overall history of SoNA so that we can contribute to the organization’s vision for the project while contextualizing the impact of corporate funding on the symphony orchestra.


SoNA, Corporate Philanthropy, Northwest Arkansas, Arts