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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration




Santamaria, Sergio


For my internship, I worked as a College Financial Representative. As a College Financial Representative, I essentially worked as a full-time financial representative, but without some of the certifications required to offer the full line of products offered by Northwestern Mutual. Throughout the internship, I went through the process of kickstarting my financial advising practice and growing my connections around the Northwest Arkansas and Tulsa areas. I gained experience setting and hosting meetings with potential clients, then creating personalized and customizable financial plans based on the information I received during the client's meeting. Every single meeting and financial plan were unique and offered multiple learning points for me to take away from, yet all followed a similar process when first creating the individualized financial plan. Also, I increased my knowledge of how important connections truly are in the real world and how to grow and cultivate those connections into mutually beneficial relationships.


Internship, financial advising, clients, financial plan, relationships