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Bachelor of Science

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Human Development, Family Sciences and Rural Sociology


Herold, Laura.

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Timby, Donia

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Mosley, Jacqueline

Committee Member/Third Reader

McNally, Shelley



This creative project focuses on the experimentation and exploration of light and shadows with the children at the Jean Tyson Child Development Study Center (JTCDSC). The creation, development, and implementation of the light studio was influenced by many approaches and concepts that surround early childhood development. It incorporated inspiration from my travels to Italy, where I studied the Reggio Emilia approach in context. In Reggio Emilia, I had the opportunity to visit the Loris Malaguzzi International Centre, local schools that implement distinct child guidance approaches, and The Creative Recycling Centre Remida. The light studio at the JTCDSC incorporates both these experiences and the education I have gained in my college career. It outlines the importance of play in children’s development, as well as the importance of the experiences and environments we provide them. In this paper I will discuss and emphasize the opportunities the light studio has created for children and what this means for their future. This paper will also highlight the role that recycled materials and loose parts played in the production of the light studio as well as their ability to transcend their initial purpose and be used in a multitude of ways.


early childhood, light, shadows, reggio emilia, zone of proximal development, children