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Bachelor of Science in Human Environmental Sciences

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General Human Environmental Sciences


Ogbeide, Godwin-Charles A.

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Harrington, Robert J., 1958-

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Fosu, Ignatius


As marketing practices continue to advance, the tourism industry is constantly evolving in terms of marketing strategies and the shifts of the duties of its stakeholders. Different organizations take upon the advancement of their marketing strategies differently, and Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) are not the exception. With so any destination options, travelers may find themselves with too many destinations and too much information to easily make the decision on their own. The main role of the DMOs is to sell the destination using different marketing strategies, using various incentives to make their destination more appealing, and by working with all of its stakeholders to be able to provide the best experience to its visitors. This study examined the perception of effectiveness of various marketing channels, different social media channels, and different incentives that are being used by the DMOs. Some of the marketing channels that DMOs are consider most effective in today’s environment include website management, word of mouth, and search engine optimization; in terms of social media marketing channels, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter ranked as most effective. This study showed that some of the most effective incentives used by the DMOs are: unique attractions accessibility, free Wi-Fi, and complimentary rentals. This study also explores the importance of various stakeholders to a DMO, and the results showed that some of the most important stakeholders are the hoteliers, the local government, and the local community.


Hospitality, Marketing