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Efficiency, Efficacy, Randomized Controlled Trials, Uncertainty, Covid-19, open access, open data, open research, open publishing, open science, preprints, rapid peer review


In the first part of this presentation, Jyotishka Datta discusses the concepts and calculations behind the efficacy and effectiveness for vaccines from a statistician’s perspective, as well as the different factors contributing to it. Prof. Datta also offers a brief tour through the history of vaccines in preventing infectious diseases and the development of statistical tools such as randomized controlled trials. Lastly, Prof. Datta discusses the direct and indirect effects, the inherent uncertainties involved with the efficacy and efficiency numbers and remark on their comparison. In the second part of this presentation, Angie Ohler discusses the vital role of open access in advancing research on COVID-19.


The captions accompanying these videos were generated automatically by YouTube software which may not accurately transcribe scientific, medical, and technical terms.