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Bachelor of Interior Design

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Interior Design


Webb, Jennifer

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Rosenbaum, Bethany

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Tracy, Torrey


The project aims to create an accessible tool to document, preserve, and honor Chickasaw design techniques by creating interactive 3D models replicating ancestral structures available through an online gallery. A virtual exhibition focuses on structures commonly found in a traditional Chickasaw village. The constructions represented include a traditional council house, summer house, winter house, and corn crib. Each is accompanied by contextual information, including a collection of historical photographs, information concerning use, and conventional architectural drawings such as plans, sections, and isometric views. In fruition, the project aims to function as a resource to commemorate the history of traditional Chickasaw design techniques, encourage continuity of these practices, and function as a precedent for the documentation of other Indigenous nations' material culture.


Chickasaw, Indigenous, Indigenous Architecture, Decolonization of Art and Design Histories, Chickasaw Design, Chickasaw Architecture, Service learning

Available for download on Monday, May 12, 2025