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Bachelor of Interior Design

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Interior Design


Huh, Michelle Boyoung

Committee Member/Reader

Webb, Jennifer

Committee Member/Second Reader

Cho, Eunjoo


Interior designers and mobile app developers equally play a role in the design of omnichannel retailing spaces (either within the physical or digital realm) where retailers and consumers interact with each other; yet they hardly work in tandem. Omnichannel retailing creates a seamless experience for consumers when interacting with a retailer and allows them to purchase items in a cross-channel setting. Consumer expectations of retailers’ omnichannel approaches are increasing, and therefore this study investigates two of the most successful retailers, Walmart and Amazon, through a qualitative approach of case studies, interviews, and public observations. This study intended to explore the current state of omnichannel retailing and by doing this, further unveiled gaps between the physical store and mobile app store experience in creating a seamless user experience. This exploration aided in suggesting insights into how improvements can be made within the workflow of the retail industry through a better collaboration of interior designers and mobile app developers.


Interior Design, Mobile App Developer, Retail, Technology, Innovation, Omnichannel