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Bachelor of Interior Design

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Huh, Michelle Boyoung

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Miri, Marjan

Committee Member/Second Reader

Seo, Han-Seok


This research investigates the design and implementation of a Smart Shopping Cart system aimed at enhancing the shopping experience and providing nutritional education to consumers. The study begins with a comprehensive store observation across various grocery stores, including Walmart, Target, Whole Foods, Harps, and Aldi, to gather information on current in-store environments. Detailed measurements and assessments are conducted on shopping carts, baskets, circulation paths, and signage, as well as the functionality of mobile apps offered by each store. Based on these observations, design suggestions for the Smart Shopping Cart system are proposed. The Smart Shopping Cart design incorporates two different-sized carts to accommodate varying shopping needs, interactive screens, and a mobile app integration feature. The Smart Shopping Cart system incorporates floor decals integrated with scanners to provide additional information about product sections and suggest suitable products based on shoppers’ preferences. The research aims to enhance the shopping experience and promote nutritional education by integrating advanced technology into the shopping process through the Smart Shopping Cart system.


Grocery Store, Interior Design, Smart Shopping Cart, Nutritiona Information, Flooring Texture, Technology Integration

Available for download on Friday, October 31, 2025