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Bachelor of Science

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Information Systems


Cronan, Timothy Paul

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Limayem, Moez


This thesis focuses primarily on assessing whether or not the objectives of the Pre-business core and the Walton College of Business program regarding exposure to all eight majors and technology utilization are being met. Emphasis is being placed on knowledge of technology related tasks. It begins by stating the importance of information systems to businesses. The next portion focuses on analyzing if the WCOB objectives are being met. Finally, students’ inputs on Information Systems are examined. There were three main hypotheses at the outset of the research. The first hypothesis was that the Walton College of Business pre-business core objective regarding exposure to all eight majors is not being met. Results could be used to enhance the learning within the pre-business core with respect to Information Systems. The second hypothesis was that the Walton College of Business program objective regarding technology utilization is not being met. This would help contribute to the understanding of whether or not students are being provided with the fundamental business knowledge regarding technology utilization that all business professionals should possess. The third hypothesis was that Walton College of Business undergraduates will see the need for an Intro to Information Systems class to be added to the pre-business core. This would show that students realize the importance of technology as an emerging field in the business world. To test these hypotheses, surveys were administered to undergraduates in the Walton College of Business. These surveys included a questionnaire about influences in choosing a major, knowledge of technology related tasks, and an open response section for students to state how they feel about Information Systems becoming more prevalent in the business core.