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Schubert, Karl


The history of Koch Industries dates back to 1927, when Fred C. Koch improved the process of converting heavy oil into gasoline. This innovation was the moment that started it all; the company has only grown since its humble beginnings. Today, Koch Industries (Koch) is one of the largest privately held companies in America (Summary of Koch Industries History). Koch has involvement in an extremely diverse list of businesses and industries around the world; the organization is a conglomerate of companies that all function under the same umbrella. Two of the most noteworthy companies owned by Koch Industries are Flint Hills Resources, a refining and manufacturing company, and Georgia-Pacific, a pulp and paper company. Different companies across Koch also specialize in engineering, transportation, connectivity systems, agriculture, business investing, and more. Koch employs more than one hundred and twenty thousand people globally; at the forefront of it all, is Fred’s son Charles G. Koch, who serves as chairman of the board and CEO of Koch Industries. Charles assumed this position in 1967 and has led the growth of the business ever since then.


business analytics, Market Based Management, business philosophy, company culture, ServiceNow, agile methodology