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Bachelor of Science

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Information Systems


Geiger, Craig


The primary objective of this project is to understand the importance of agile reporting methodologies for a retail sales team. Data has proven to be very vital for businesses to use and understand. In software systems that serve as data warehouses, it is expected that value be provided at each iteration within the system. This includes all the measurements, metrics, and reports. Agile reporting effects the way that data is utilized within a company. This paper looks at some of ways that value can be added when companies focus on ways to consolidate and standardize data as well as make it easily accessible. Through my internship with The Kellogg Company, I had the opportunity to improve the reporting techniques that are used throughout the company in order to better utilize the data that is available to the retail sales and account teams.


Big Data, Data Analysis, SaaS (Software as a Service), Kellogg company, cultural intelligence, skills acquisition