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Information Systems


Shipp, Justin


Today’s business environment demands effective project management for enterprises to meet their goals and continue to be innovative. Inherently, this also means that project managers must have strong leadership skills. Project management provides a framework of techniques that provides a symbiotic relationship between both the framework and the leader. The idea behind project management is to complete objectives efficiently within a certain time period given a restricted number of resources. This means project management is a process of principles, tools, and methodologies used to effectively manage a team through the System Development Life Cycle. The System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is made up of six parts. These include identifying the problem, planning, and monitoring the project, discovering, and understanding the problem, designing system components to solve the problem, build/test/integrate system components, and implementing the solution. There are many methodologies such as XP, SCRUM, or Agile, but we must first understand the importance of project management principles.


Project Management, Leadership, System Development Life Cycle, Framework, Process, Strategy