Date of Graduation


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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

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Information Systems


Velliquette, Anne

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Callander, Adrienne


There has long been an established relationship between art and business, finding its roots in the Industrial Revolution when the effects of arts on the economy were first explored. Since then, creative economies have been influenced by adaptation of businesses through urban development and revitalization and by continuous growth in artistic and cultural spaces. Capturing the relationship between arts and urban design, cultural districts establish strong economic communities within vastly creative, business- and culture-centered spaces. Current research provides insight to the economic, social, and cultural outcomes of creative economies.

As a contribution to that narrative, I will use this analysis to further explore the bidirectional relationship between the art and business sectors. I will first cover historical artistic influences on the economy- how art has become a top economic developer. Then, I will analyze how art is currently affecting economic development and, alternatively, how modern business and brands cultivate artistic spaces and the creation of art. Finally, I will outline six cultural district subtypes and their characteristics, and I will use these definitions to classify prominent art districts in Arkansas among them.


creative economy, arts, culture, urban development, business, marketing