It Started Here, Early Arkansas and the Louisiana Purchase

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Louisiana Purchase, Surveying, Arkansas History


"It Started Here: Early Arkansas and The Louisiana Purchase", chronicles the people and land of Arkansas, between the signing of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, leading up to Arkansas statehood in 1836.

The 30 minute documentary, written and produced by Larry Foley, tells the story of the 1815 land survey that began in a swamp in eastern Arkansas, establishing a starting point for land surveys of Arkansas, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri and the Dakotas.

A monument erected in 1926 by the Daughters of the American Revolution, recognizes what has become an obscure footnote in American history. The historical state park is off the beaten path, and like the story it honors, is not well known. - AETN


Producer/Writer, Larry Foley

Photography/Editor, Trey Marley

Original Music, James Greeson, Charley Sandage and Harmony

Additional Music, Quapaw Tribe of Oklahoma

Narrator, Carolyn Long Brewer

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