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Social media, Tik Tok, advertising, ethical dilemma, advertising to children, journlists


In recent years, journalism has completely transformed to adapt to the digital age. Modern journalists use social media for breaking news updates and adapt their stories for all platforms. Advertisers and journalists have more opportunities than ever to advertise their products online and on social media, however, it is imperative that professionals in this field report and advertise ethically on every platform. As social media trends and platforms change, so do the opportunities for online advertisers. TikTok is a rapidly growing social media app that is used by youths around the world. While there is plenty of opportunity for advertising on the app, multiple ethical dilemmas arise for advertisers and journalists on TikTok. The purpose of this paper is to explore the ethical dilemmas of advertising on TikTok, including advertising to children, advertising on an app that is heavily censored and potentially threatens national security, and journalists’ usage of the app.