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Labor market, economics, Ph.D., non-tenure track, salary, tenure track


This year, the survey questionnaire was sent to 378 organizations. Questionnaires were returned by 122 organizations (32.3 percent). Of this year’s responses, 80 (65.6 percent) were from those who responded to the last survey conducted for the 2011-12 academic year; 42 (34.4 percent) came from new respondents. Among the academic institutions responding, the distribution of highest degrees offered was as follows: Ph.D.—55.7 percent; Master—13.9 percent and Bachelor—28.7 percent. The responses are reported for all respondents, and separately for Ph.D. degree granting institutions and for schools whose highest degree offered is the Bachelor or Master degree. Data for institutions in the revised National Research Council’s Research Doctorate Report, 2011, are reported as a subset of Ph.D. degree granting schools. They are referred to as the Top 30. Previous labor market reports used rankings from the 2010 Research Doctorate Report. While the survey was not conducted for the 2012-13 and 2013-14 academic years, the current survey captures some of the information that was not collected during those years.