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Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

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Landscape Architecture


Billig, Noah

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Brittenum, Judy

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Herman, Greg


Landscape architecture is an emerging practice in the developing world. It is not, however, an established and well known profession. Developing countries, such as those in Sub-Saharan Africa, could benefit from the services that landscape architects provide for society and the built environment. This research addresses where the profession of landscape architecture currently is in Sub-Saharan Africa and speculates where it could go in the future. The International Federation of Landscape Architects held the 2008 Africa Forum in Dubai in order to record the observations of several prominent landscape architecture professionals and students. This research expands on those observations and further obtains the opinions of landscape architects, architects, engineers, planners, academics, and students on the current and future role(s) of landscape architecture in Sub-Saharan Africa. Through explanatory data analysis techniques, this study inquires information from students and professionals in the design field on the current and future role(s) of landscape architecture in Sub-Saharan Africa through their participation in an online survey. The results from this survey are used to develop modes and operations for the practice of landscape architecture that are appropriate for the African context. The results formulated from the survey are a viable contribution to the future of landscape architects in Sub-Saharan Africa.