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Bachelor of Science in International Business

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Garcia Contreras, Rogelio


Social innovation strategies are being used around the world to create new avenues to meet the social needs of people that can vary from lack of jobs or food to deforestation and loss of wildlife. In the past, simple donations and corporate programs have made an impact, but there is a new way of creating sustainable and profitable impact through newly introduced strategies that consider society as a whole and allow the perceived obstacle to work as a solution. It is important to first note what social innovation is. Social innovation is the restructuring of philanthropic endeavors by creating sustainable solutions that create an impact or awareness of an issue through productive and unique initiatives. Although Social Innovation can be described and analyzed in many ways, I have found that the organizations I will be analyzing in this study fit this definition in almost every detail. Looking at organizations and businesses as more than a way to make profit, but rather ensure that the community it becoming a better place, is at the core of social innovation and these organizations. This study will look at the best practices amongst these two organizations as a comparison with learning opportunities within each. Some may see social innovation through a different lense that may include profit or larger scale endeavors, but social innovation can be defined in many ways. These organizations are amongst many that work to make the community they reside in a better place to live.


Social Innovation, Job Skill Development, Barcelona, Northwest Arkansas