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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

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Cox, Nicole


This study investigates the impact that social media has on marketing strategies and consumer behavior. Social media has risen significantly in popularity over the past decade, and with the introduction of Social Media Influencers, brands have found a new market to promote their products. However, there is very little research conducted to show how social media users are engaging with the new marketing strategies and how it affects their purchasing behavior. This study begins by performing two case studies on brands that have successfully utilized social media to market their products: Crumbl Cookies and Chipotle Mexican Grill. This study then displays the results and data analysis from a survey given to University of Arkansas students over TikTok, Instagram, and influencers. From the results, this study concludes that those following influencers and posting videos on TikTok purchased more products than those who do not. This study recommends that further studies should be conducted with a larger sample spanning multiple age ranges to have a better understanding of the entire demographic of social media users.


social media, influencers, marketing, TikTok, Instagram, Service Learning