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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

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Shook, Carole

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Newman, Joanna


My research topic was inspired by my experience as a Resident Assistant through University of Arkansas Housing. Through this position, I have worked closely with students and developed an understanding of the concerns that result from entering college. Students’ financial situation, one of the most fundamental of the concerns, revealed an interesting pattern. Many students that attend the University of Arkansas are Arkansas residents who have received financial support through the Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship, a scholarship now supported by the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery. Many of these students also still experience financial burden. Together these facts bring up many questions. Is the amount of money received through this scholarship large enough to influence students’ perception in regards to college affordability? Does the receipt of this scholarship pressure some students to attend a four-year university when they are not ready? Is this scholarship ultimately helping or hurting students’ financial situation? I chose to do my research on this topic to better understand the pressures this scholarship may have on the decisions students make in regards to their college career.