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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

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Farmer, Amy


This article discusses the challenges and potential solutions for enhancing tourism in Dangriga, the largest town in the Stann Creek District of Belize. Despite being known as the "Culture Capital of Belize," Dangriga attracts fewer tourists compared to smaller towns in the country. The lack of tourist influx could be attributed to limited understanding of internet marketing by local business owners and the town's focus on its cultural identity rather than catering specifically to tourists. The article emphasizes the importance of online marketing in promoting tourism and suggests that improving the online presence of local businesses could boost the tourism industry in Dangriga. It also highlights the significance of sustainable tourism practices, community involvement, infrastructure development, effective marketing strategies, and branding to attract and retain tourists. The article concludes with an evaluation of a specific project conducted in Dangriga, including the challenges faced and recommendations for future projects. The personal impacts of the experience are also discussed, highlighting the author's personal and professional growth through cultural immersion and the development of valuable skills.


Dangriga, Belize, Tourism Industry, Online Marketing, Sustainable Tourism, Travel and Tourism

Available for download on Thursday, April 30, 2026