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Zweig, Mark


WakeSurf NWA is a thrilling entertainment facility that will fill a void in this highly affluent market. Our design is to bring surfing where surfing has never been before, in a land-locked location. With high-tech engineering to allow surfing on land, WakeSurf NWA will provide real surfing to the people in and around Northwest Arkansas. Our company will also be built around helping our community, donating a portion of proceeds to a local nonprofit. What sets WakeSurf NWA apart from other companies in the area is how we will bring something completely new to the region that can be enjoyed all year round. Getting people in our doors is key. Accompanying our surfing machine, guests will also have the ability to eat and watch from our restaurant, order drinks from the surf bar, play a variety of recreational games, and shop at our retail store. When they are inside, they will see everything that makes WakeSurf NWA who we are.

Our facility is a location for thrill seekers, adventurers, and spectators of any age or skill level to find quality entertainment. Our primary target market is the socially active young adults/professionals. We will also target families, students, and business travelers. Whoever it may be, there is entertainment for everyone at WakeSurf NWA. With current research, WakeSurf NWA is projecting to be a top competitor in the entertainment industry in NWA. In these projected cashflows, each year for the first five years shows an increase in EBITDA. WakeSurf NWA believes that with increased interest in this industry in the future, the most beneficial way to exit would be to sell to an external buyer. Whether this buyer is a competitor or another person in the industry, WakeSurf NWA will put the company first to ensure the business isn't disrupted. Current owners intend to remove themselves from the business, allowing the business itself to continue as smoothly as possible with new management.


Business plan, wake surfing, entertainment, small business, exit strategy, projected financials